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Opened: 2011

Cuisine: Donuts, Fried Chicken, Coffee

Chef: Jarret O'Hara

Location: 10 in Philadelphia; 1 in Las Vegas!

Website: federaldonutsandchicken.com

When the first Federal Donuts and Chicken opened one early morning in October 2011, crowds of hungry Philadelphians descended upon the humble shop. Lines snaked out the door and down quiet residential Two Street in South Philly, bringing to life a weird idea dreamed up by five partners with deep food experience.

We're the world's first fried chicken and donut shop, serving affordable comfort classics in unexpected flavors. The crowds come for donuts first, served either Fancy (glazed and decorated each morning) or Hot Fresh (fried to order and tossed in flavored sugars). The Korean-style fried chicken is super crispy, twice-fried and coated in either dry seasonings or glazes.